The Anatomy of a Healthy Company

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Imagine going to work, walking into your office or plant, and encountering a vibrant, stimulating atmospere. In talking to employees about upcoming deadline or project, you hear only enthusiasm and commitment. They are eafer to work hard, listen to your vision and strategy, and graciously share ideas. Some of the employees brainstorm about possible glitches and how to boost sales and profits. They banter with you and among themselves, their easy humor showing that they enjoy their work and they like and respect you.

As the day progresses, they on the phone, meeting among themselves, or intent at the computer, sometimes coming to you with creative ideas or special request. Each assignment is approached with a sense of urgency. These diligent employees are continously looking ways to improve their product or service to deliver it faster and better, and to upgrade their skills.

Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu

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A leading technology company which is focused around the multimedia technology, the integration of sound, vision, data and telecommunication. 

Our technology products comprise primarily of public address system, professional audio video system, telecommunication equipment, personal computer, computer peripheral, security system and electronic components.

These technologies are translated into value for our customers through our professional solutions and services.

We are committed to world class customer satisfaction, our business at its core is about building long term relationships based on shared reward of success. We are doing business in the international market place by being globally competitive.

What is Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu ?